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Publisher's Corner

We have created an innovative, user-friendly digital platform for Publication Houses to promote their books/titles to teachers and schools. This solution allows you to increase productivity and reduce the operating costs.

The overall process

(i) You can create your account on our website and upload details such as titles/books name, subject, price etc.

(ii) We have an existing database of 10000+ professionals which includes teachers, Professors, Lecturers, Subject Matter Experts and Professionals, and these no’s are increasing on daily basis.

(iii) Your page will display list of schools, using your books. It will also help you to remain in constant touch with the schools.

(iv) There is a forum for general public especially for teachers, parents & children, Parents and teachers can raise and discuss educational issues and queries, and find answers from Forum members. Students can also participate and discuss about books, National and International issues. This will help you in enhancing social presence and in turn commercial profits as well.

(v) There is a well designed blog, integrated into the website where from you can update your current activities and visitors can post comments on that. You can post about your publishing house, its achievements, new books arrivals and many other topics. This blog will help you in updating your target audience whether it is schools, distributors, parents, teachers or students.

(vi) Online and Offline Quiz competition- this will help you in attracting attention of students and parents, parents will definitely inspire their children to participate in such quizzes, this way social dignity of your company will increase immensely.

(vii) review and rating by teachers : In this section teachers will write their views and rate any particular book. You can even ask teachers, subject matter experts to send their views on new arrival or books you want to promote. It will help you in advertising your book. Visitors will get attracted to these views and ratings.

(viii) Review books and win prizes : In this section anyone (teachers/parents/students) can send his view about any books and best reviews will be awarded. The prize can be some goodies or some real value coupons. All reviews can be displayed on the website or you can display review of those books you want to advertise.

(ix) PROMOTING YOUNG WRITERS: In this section, Young Writers will be promoted while giving due respect to their achievements. We will inspire young writers to write and if you find any such work to be publishable, you can publish their books. A genuine social work reflects through this effort and it will enhance social image of your publishing House.

(x) SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarship can really increase the social and corporate image. Every year any number of students (1, 2 or 5) will be selected based on their intelligence and their needs and will be awarded this scholarship. Scholarship can be one year school fee, all books for one year etc. For this, we will collaborate with schools and convince school authorities to give these children free schooling etc for one year. This social effort from you can work wonder in getting social distinction.

(xi) BOOK FAIR : we will participate in local and national Book Fairs regularly, and organize a Book Fair especially for™ clients in various locations which will create a good impact in education arena. This can be once or twice a year. Its proper advertisement, arrangement and accomplishment will increase credibility of your publishing house among schools, distributors, teachers and students.

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